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Miriam I Frommer

Senior Lecturer


Miriam Frommer is a Senior Lecturer with the Discipline of Physiology. Her responsibilities with the Department are devoted principally to teaching and administration.

Miriam gained her PhD from the University of London in 1970, where she taught physiology at Charing Cross Hospital Medical School.  After being appointed to a temporary lectureship in the Department of Physiology at The University of Sydney in 1972, she began teaching medical, dentistry, pharmacy, and science students, as well as a short stint teaching orthoptics and physiotherapy students at Cumberland College of Health Sciences.   She subsequently was given casual lecturer and tutor appointments until award restructuring in 1992, after which she gained tenure and eventual promotion from Level A to Level B.  In 2002 she reached Level C.

Over the past two decades Miriam has pursued her interest in curriculum development, particularly within the framework of the establishment of the Bachelor of Medical Science degree and the Graduate Medical Program. She also created full (8 credit point) Intermediate Physiology units of study separate from the Introductory (4 credit point) ones for Science students; these were subsequently called Basic and Integrated Physiology.  She was instrumental in introducing PBL (Problem Based Learning) into these courses, and has continued to act as a PBL tutor in the first and second year medical programs and in third year Science/Medical Science.  She is currently the Physiology discipline representative in the Bachelor of Medical Science Intermediate year, with responsibility for managing the integration between lectures and practical classes, and for the content, staffing and running of the latter.  

Her research has ranged from laboratory and human experiments performed during her Honours and PhD years to educational (learning and teaching) projects more recently.  Her research papers are listed under Laboratory Research and Teaching and Learning Research.

Miriam has lectured in a wide range of areas, including blood and immunology, endocrinology and reproduction, gastrointestinal physiology and vision.   Arising out of her extensive experience with student problems in understanding gastrointestinal, renal and cardiovascular physiology, and vision, she has compiled a number of Student Learning Guides for Intermediate Physiology students.   She has also  collaborated with other academics in educational research projects which have led to the creation of further Online Teaching Tools for students to assist in their learning and in writing reports, and for novice markers of those reports.  She has also been a contributor to papers on constructivism and conceptions of memorising.


Student Learning Guides

·       No Frills Generic Skills Guide

·       Generic Skills Answers

·       No Frills Statistics Skills Guide

·       PHLEX Answers

Online Teaching Tools

·       FLERT:  Flexible Report Writing Tool

·       Providing Helpful Feedback


 Dr Miriam I Frommer  Department of Physiology The University of Sydney NSW 2006 AUSTRALIA 

 Email:  miriam.frommer@sydney.edu.au Phone: +61 2 9351 2720  Fax: +61 2 9351 2058