CONTENTS Photographs of academic staff PREFACE 1 CURRENT STAFF AND RESEARCH STUDENTS 3 DIAGRAMMATIC SUMMARY OF 5-YEAR RESEARCH PERFORMANCE (Grant funding, number of publications, comparison with others) 7 REPORTS FOR EACH MEMBER OF THE ACADEMIC STAFF Research topics of Laboratories 10 D.G. Allen Muscle Cell Function Laboratory 12 M.R. Bennett Neurobiology Laboratory 22 W. Burke Brain Research Laboratory 33 S. Carlile Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory 37 D.I. Cook (and J.A. Young) Epithelial Transport Laboratory 40 L.J. Cottee Teaching and Research Report 52 R.A.L. Dampney Cardiovascular Laboratory (Neural Control) 54 D.F. Davey Development and Regeneration Laboratory 62 M.I. Frommer Teaching Report 68 B.S. Gow Cardiovascular Laboratory (Arterial Physiology) 70 J.F.Y. Hoh Muscle Research Laboratory 74 F. Janod-Groves Teaching Report 82 P.R. Martin Vision Laboratory 84 R.S. Mason Skin & amp amp Bone Laboratory (Endocrine Function) 90 B.J. Morris Molecular Biology & amp amp Hypertension Laboratory 97 W.D. Phillips - Molecular Neuroscience Laboratory 112 A.E. Sefton Vision Development Laboratory 116 Past staff Publications 126 JOURNALS OF PUBLICATION 1989-93 AND THEIR RATINGS 128 FUNDING 1989-94 130 RELATIVE RESEARCH PERFORMANCE 133 THESES IN 1993 134 RESEARCH COURSES IN PHYSIOLOGY 136 UNDERGRADUATE TEACHING 1993 AND 1994 138 STUDENT DESTINATION SURVEY 144 AIMS & amp amp OBJECTIVES DOCUMENT 150 SEMINARS IN 1993 164 LARGE EQUIPMENT GRANTS AWARDED IN1993 168 PLANS FOR REFURBISHMENT OF THE BUILDING 169