5-year grant funding to the Department. Top panel: Amount. Bottom panel: Number of grants. Details appear later in this Report in the section 'Funding 1989-94'.

Top panel: Total number of research publications by the Department for each year for the past 5 years and the total number that appeared in international refereed journals. Centre panel: Sum of the Science Citation Index® (SCI®) impact factors for every journal article published in each particular year. Bottom panel: Mean ± S.E. 1993 impact factor score per journal of publication for articles published in journals covered by SCI®. Further details appear later in the section'Journals of Publication'.

Comparison of annual publication output for 1990-93 for the Department of Physiology (Sydney) with that for the Garvan Institute in Sydney, the Howard Florey Institute in Melbourne, and other Physiology Departments, viz. those at The University of Melbourne, University of New South Wales, Monash University and University of Queensland. The latter also includes the Vision, Touch & Hearing Research Centre, which is part of this Queensland department. Publication data was obtained from a Medline search by addresses and each article was then weighted by the raw 1993 impact factor score to give the totals shown.

Laboratory Research topics

D.G. Allen Cardiac muscle, skeletal muscle,

MUSCLE FUNCTION intracellular calcium, ionic regula-

LABORATORY tion, hypoxia, ischaemia, fatigue

M.R. Bennett Synapse, plasticity, secretion,

NEUROBIOLOGY LABORATORY development, growth factors, synapse


W. Burke Central visual pathways and function,

BRAIN RESEARCH LABORATORY neural degeneration and regeneration in the CNS

S. Carlile Representations of auditory space, AUDITORY NEUROSCIENCE neuro-physiology, bioacoustics,

LABORATORY auditory psychophysics

D.I. Cook and J.A. Young Epithelial transport, ions, membranes

EPITHELIAL TRANSPORT channels, second messengers, early

LABORATORY embryonic development

R.A.L. Dampney Blood pressure control, brainstem,

CARDIOVASCULAR LABORATORY neuroanatomy, immunohistochem-

(NEURAL CONTROL) istry, transmitters, cardiovascular


D.F. Davey Nerve, muscle, microsurgery,

DEVELOPMENT AND REGENERATION embryology, morphometry,

LABORATORY microscopy, image analysis

B.S. Gow Poststenotic and flow-induced

CARDIOVASCULAR LABORATORY dilatation, structure, vascular

(ARTERIAL PHYSIOLOGY) smooth muscle, haemodynamics

J.F.Y. Hoh Myosin, myogenesis, fibre types,

MUSCLE RESEARCH LABORATORY monoclonal antibodies, heart, inotropy, molecular biology

P.R. Martin Retinal ganglion cells, lateral

VISION LABORATORY geniculate nucleus, visual cortex,

colour vision

R.S. Mason Skin cell function, sun adaptation,

SKIN & BONE LABORATORY bone formation, hormonal


B.J. Morris Gene regulation, molecular genetics

MOLECULAR BIOLOGY & mRNA, PCR, renin, ACE, insulin

HYPERTENSION LABORATORY receptor, angiotensinogen, kallikrein

W.D. Phillips Synapse, nerve, muscle, development,



A.E. Sefton Development, retina, cell death,

VISION DEVELOPMENT neural transplants, visual

LABORATORY pathways, growth factor