(April 1994)

Professors (Level E academics)

Maxwell R. Bennett, BE MSc PhD Melb. DSc, FAA. Appointed 1983

David G. Allen, BSc MB BS PhD Lond. (Head of Department) Appointed 1989

Ann E. Sefton, BSc(Med) MB BS PhD DSc Appointed 1992

Professor not on establishment

John Atherton Young, AO, BSc(Path) MD BS DSc Qld, FAA FRACP (Dean of the Faculty of Medicine) Appointed 1976

Readers (Level D academics)

Joseph F.Y. Hoh, PhD A.N.U. BSc(Med) MB BS DSc

Roger A. L. Dampney, BSc PhD

Brian J. Morris, BSc Adel. PhD Monash DSc

Associate Professors (Level D academics)

Barry S. Gow, MDS PhD, FRACDS

David F. Davey, BSc PhD McG.

David I. Cook, BSc(Med) MB BS MSc

Senior Lecturer (Level C academic)

Rebecca S. Mason, MB BS PhD

Lecturer (Level B academic)

Simon Carlile, BSc PhD

Lynne J. Cottee, BSc PhD - half-time

Miriam I. Frommer, PhD Lond. BSc

Paul R. Martin, BSc PhD

William D. Phillips, BSc PhD

Associate Lecturers (Level A academics)

Francoise Janod-Groves, BSc(Appl) N.S.W.I.T., MApplSc U.T.S.

Honorary Appointments

Academic Affiliates

Christopher O'Neil, BSc PhD N'cle (N.S.W.) (Clinical Associate Professor of Physiology)

Research Affiliates

Annick Ansselin, BA Macq. MSc PhD (Lecturer, Univ. of N.S.W.)

William Burke, BSc PhD Lond. (Emeritus Professor)

Lyn R. Griffiths, BSc N.S.W. PhD (Lecturer, Griffith Univ. Gold Coast)

Honorary Associate

Brian G. Cleland, BE N.S.W. MS PhD Northwestern DSc (Telectronics Pty Ltd)

Computer Systems Officer Grade IV

John W.A. Dodson, HNC Lond. MIEEIE I. Eng.

Professional Officer Grade II

Alan S. Joffe, BSc N.S.W.

Administrative Officer Grade I

Yee-Fong Lee, BSocSc(Econ) Sci U. Msia

R.D. Wright Fellow (N.H. & M.R.C.)

Nickolas Lavidis, BSc PhD

Research Associate

Roman Poznanski, MSc Monash, PhD A.N.U. - ARC

Visiting Fellows/Scholars

Tsunetoshi Hayashi, DDS PhD Nagoya

Anna Park, MD PhD Seol

Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Anuwat Dinudom, MSc PhD - Medical Foundation

Krystel R. Huxlin, BSc(Med) PhD - Medical Foundation

Permsak Komwatana, MS PhD U. Virginia - R.E. Lake Research Fellow

Andrew P. Schrader, BSc PhD Monash - NHMRC grant

Senior Research Officer

Leonard Motin, PhD Moscow- ARC SRO1

Research Officers

Eva Chin, BHK Windsor, MSc McMaster, BEd Queens, PhD, W'loo - NHMRC RO1

Margot L. Day, BSc PhD - NHMRC RO1

Ann Goodchild, BSc PhD - NHMRC RO3

Yoshitaka Hirooka, MD PhD Kyushu - NHMRC RO1

Han Qin, BM China Med. Univ. MM Union Acad. Med. Sci. China * - NHMRC RO2

Senior Research Assistants


Philip Poronnik, BSc - ARC *


Zophia Dreher, MSc Warsaw - ARC

Michael D.L. Slater, BSc N.S.W. FAIMS - NHMRC

Research Assistants


Nalini Dissanayake, MB BS Peradeniya - NSWSCC RA I*

Shanker Karunanithi, BE(Elect.), MSc(Qual.) PhD - NHMRC RA2 *

Yon-Qi Lin, BSc Shanghai Inst. Med. Eng., MSc - NHMRC RA4

Jaimie Polson, BSc - NHMRC RA2 *


Azita Ahadizadeh, BSc N.S.W. - NHMRC RA 1 *

Kerry Nichol, BSc MSc - NHF RA I *

Gregory MacLeod, MBA N.S.W. BSc - NHMRC RA1

Carolyn Murtagh, MSc Macq, BSc Dip Ed - CRC RA I

Darren Warren, BE(Chem.) - NHMRC RA1 *

Robert Y.L. Zee, BDS, PhD - NHMRC RA4

Honorary (unpaid):

Angela Hamilton, BSc

PhD candidates


Chris Balnave, BSc

Thomas Fink, BSc

Krishna Ghosh, BSc

Carolyn A. Gibb, BSc

Mathew Larkum, BSc

Yi-kun Lou, BMed Qingdao

Christine A. Lucas, BSc

Heeja Namkung, BNursSc Kyung Hee GradDipSc

John Patava, BAppSc D.D.I.A.E.

Patrick Potts, BSc

Anthony J. Weinhaus, BSc

Heath Wilder, BSc

Li-Hua Ying, BSc Shanghai MSc(Qual)


Paul Armson, MSc, Dip Ed U.T.S.

Matthew Coleman, BSc

Lucia H. Kang, MD MSc Korea

Stephen McLeod, BSc MSc Macq.

Ann Nelson, BSc MSc(Prelim.)

(Others are indicated by * in Research Officer, Senior Research Assistant and Research Assistant lists above)

MSc candidate

Michael Hsu

GradDipSci candidates

Svetlana Cherepanoff

BMedSc(Hons) candidates

Jeon Cha

Tricia Chan

Ayesha Hakin

David R. Ireland

Rodney James

Louise Seiber

Amanda L. Stephen

Maria Theodorou

Daniel Wardman

Michael J. Watson

Abigail G. Widin

BSc(Med)(Hons) candidates

Keith Brain

Melissa Bradley

Chandrashekar Balachandran

Glenn Bennett

Yves Kerdraon

Steven Koh

Research laboratory staff


Lorraine Kerr - Senior Technical Officer Grade I

Francis J. W. Lee, PTC S.T.C. - Technical Officer Grade I

Class laboratory staff

John F. Cossey, BTC S.T.C. - Senior Technical Officer Grade I (In- charge)

Virginia Klomp, BTC BTHC S.T.C. - Technical Officer Grade I

Adel Mitry, BVSc Cairo ACC S.T.C. - Technical Officer Grade I

Electronics workshop staff

Oetojo - Senior Technical Officer Grade II (In-charge)

John Tebbitt - Technical Officer Grade I

Rui-Qing Tong, ME(Elect.) Fudan - Technical Officer Grade I (part-time)

Mechanical workshop staff

Kevin C. Knowles - Senior Technical Officer Grade II (In-charge)

Animal house staff

Anthony Dadd - Technical Officer Grade I

Administrative Assistants

Jennifer E. Cantrill - (part-time casual)

Michele L. Foord - Level 4

Nancy J. Kos - Level 4

Elizabeth J. Stephens, BA Macq - Level 4 (part-time)

5-year grant funding to the Department. Top panel: Amount. Bottom panel: Number of grants. Details appear later in this Report in the section 'Funding 1989-94'.

Top panel: Total number of research publications by the Department for each year for the past 5 years and the total number that appeared in international refereed journals. Centre panel: Sum of the Science Citation Index® (SCI®) impact factors for every journal article published in each particular year. Bottom panel: Mean ± S.E. 1993 impact factor score per journal of publication for articles published in journals covered by SCI®. Further details appear later in the section'Journals of Publication'.

Comparison of annual publication output for 1990-93 for the Department of Physiology (Sydney) with that for the Garvan Institute in Sydney, the Howard Florey Institute in Melbourne, and other Physiology Departments, viz. those at The University of Melbourne, University of New South Wales, Monash University and University of Queensland. The latter also includes the Vision, Touch & Hearing Research Centre, which is part of this Queensland department. Publication data was obtained from a Medline search by addresses and each article was then weighted by the raw 1993 impact factor score to give the totals shown.

Laboratory Research topics

D.G. Allen Cardiac muscle, skeletal muscle,

MUSCLE FUNCTION intracellular calcium, ionic regula-

LABORATORY tion, hypoxia, ischaemia, fatigue

M.R. Bennett Synapse, plasticity, secretion,

NEUROBIOLOGY LABORATORY development, growth factors, synapse


W. Burke Central visual pathways and function,

BRAIN RESEARCH LABORATORY neural degeneration and regeneration in the CNS

S. Carlile Representations of auditory space, AUDITORY NEUROSCIENCE neuro-physiology, bioacoustics,

LABORATORY auditory psychophysics

D.I. Cook and J.A. Young Epithelial transport, ions, membranes

EPITHELIAL TRANSPORT channels, second messengers, early

LABORATORY embryonic development

R.A.L. Dampney Blood pressure control, brainstem,

CARDIOVASCULAR LABORATORY neuroanatomy, immunohistochem-

(NEURAL CONTROL) istry, transmitters, cardiovascular


D.F. Davey Nerve, muscle, microsurgery,

DEVELOPMENT AND REGENERATION embryology, morphometry,

LABORATORY microscopy, image analysis

B.S. Gow Poststenotic and flow-induced

CARDIOVASCULAR LABORATORY dilatation, structure, vascular

(ARTERIAL PHYSIOLOGY) smooth muscle, haemodynamics

J.F.Y. Hoh Myosin, myogenesis, fibre types,

MUSCLE RESEARCH LABORATORY monoclonal antibodies, heart, inotropy, molecular biology

P.R. Martin Retinal ganglion cells, lateral

VISION LABORATORY geniculate nucleus, visual cortex,

colour vision

R.S. Mason Skin cell function, sun adaptation,

SKIN & BONE LABORATORY bone formation, hormonal


B.J. Morris Gene regulation, molecular genetics

MOLECULAR BIOLOGY & mRNA, PCR, renin, ACE, insulin

HYPERTENSION LABORATORY receptor, angiotensinogen, kallikrein

W.D. Phillips Synapse, nerve, muscle, development,



A.E. Sefton Development, retina, cell death,

VISION DEVELOPMENT neural transplants, visual

LABORATORY pathways, growth factor