The following theses were passed in 1993:

Degree		Title of thesis				Supervisor	Result


Morris BJ Molecular, physiological and - Pass (no grade

genetic studies in hypertension given for higher

research degree theses)


Dixon G Development of the dorsal lateral Sefton AE Pass (no grade

geniculate nucleus and geniculo- given for higher

cortical pathway degree theses)

Schulz M Growth factors for retinal Bennett MR Pass (no grade

ganglion cells given for higher

degree theses)

Scott T Long-term potentiation in the Bennett MR Pass (no grade

ciliary ganglion given for higher

degree theses)

Siddall PJ Functional organization of Dampney RAL Pass (no grade

descending pathways in the brain given for higher

stem controlling the spinal degree theses)

transmission of nociceptive



Bennett CL Molecular genetics of essential Morris BJ 1st class

hypertension with specific

reference to the angiotensinogen


Ghosh K The morphology of retinal Martin PR 1st class;

ganglion cells in the marmoset Sefton AE Colin Dunlop monkey Prize

Potts PD Immediate early gene expression Dampney RAL 2nd class,

in central cardiovascular neurons div. 1

Reid J The glandular kallikrein-kinin Morris BJ 1st class

system in the prostate cancer

cell line LNCaP

Wilder H Photoreceptor and ganglion cell Martin PR 1st class;

topography in the marmoset Sefton AE Colin Dunlop

monkey Prize


Hansen B Gradients in the developing Dreher B 2nd class,

superior colliculus. Sefton AE div. 2