D.G. Allen                               Cardiac muscle, skeletal muscle,              
MUSCLE FUNCTION LABORATORY               intracellular calcium, ionic regulation,      
                                         hypoxia, ischaemia, fatigue, length changes   

M.R. Bennett                             Synapse, plasticity, secretion,               
NEUROBIOLOGY LABORATORY                  development, growth factors, synapse          

W. Burke                                 Central visual pathways and function,         
BRAIN RESEARCH LABORATORY                neural degeneration and regeneration in
                                         the CNS                                           

S. Carlile                               Representations of auditory space,            
AUDITORY NEUROSCIENCE LABORATORY         neurophysiology, bioacoustics, auditory 

D.I. Cook                                Epithelial transport, ions, membranes,        
EPITHELIAL TRANSPORT LABORATORY          channels, second messengers, early            
                                         embryonic development                         

R.A.L. Dampney CARDIOVASCULAR            Blood pressure control, brainstem,            
LABORATORY (NEURAL CONTROL)              neuro-anatomy, immunohistochemistry,          
                                         transmitters, cardiovascular reflexes         

D.F. Davey                               Nerve, muscle, microsurgery, embryology,      
DEVELOPMENT & REGENERATION               morphometry, microscopy, image analysis,      
LABORATORY                               Schwann cells                                 

B.S. Gow                                 Poststenotic and flow-induced dilatation,     
CARDIOVASCULAR LABORATORY                structure, vascular smooth muscle,            
(ARTERIAL PHYSIOLOGY)                    haemodynamics

J.F.Y. Hoh                               Myosin, myogenesis, fibre types, monoclonal
MUSCLE RESEARCH LABORATORY               antibodies, heart, inotropy, molecular

N.A. Lavidis                             Opiates, tolerance, addiction, neuropharma- 
NARCOTICS RESEARCH LABORATORY            cology, presynaptic inhibition, calcium 
                                         channels, neurotransmission           

P.R. Martin                              Retina, lateral, geniculate nucleus,
VISION LABORATORY                        neurotransmitters, colour vision              

R.S. Mason                               Skin cell function, sun adaptation, bone
SKIN & BONE LABORATORY                   formation, hormonal regulation

B.J. Morris                              Gene regulation, molecular genetics mRNA,
MOLECULAR BIOLOGY &                      PCR, renin, ACE, insulin receptor,
HYPERTENSION LABORATORY                  angiotensinogen, kallikrein

W.D. Phillips                            Synapse, nerve, muscle, development,          
MOLECULAR NEUROSCIENCE LABORATORY        molecular biology                             

A.E. Sefton                              Development, retina, cell death, neural      
VISION DEVELOPMENT LABORATORY            transplants, visual pathways, growth factors