1991 1992 1993 1994 1995

Salaries - academic 914,951 1,000,199 1,096,520 1,175,872
Salaries - general staff 510,393 605,039 618,683 564,182
Equipment 70,000 79,663 102,353 65,771
Maintenance 232,996 166,115 168,713 211,041
Balance 58,182 -39,932 * -75,580 * -81,290

TOTALS 1,786,522 1,811,084 1,910,689 1,935,576 2,014,678

* The excess spending was from carry-forward from previous years

Formula funding based on research performance

Starting in 1993, the Faculty distributed a portion of its devolved funding to departments according to a formula it devised to score the research performance of each department (where the Department's score per Lecturer and above has been amongst the top three for the Faculty). The Department then used the formula to disburse 50% of such funding to each Laboratory. In 1994 the formula took into account grants and publications for the years 1990-1992, as follows:

  • Publications: Articles in refereed journals, 1.0 + impact factor of journal where published, up to a maximum of 6.0, and with 1.0 added for articles with >10 pages; book chapters, 1.0 (with 1.0 added for >10 pages); patent, 2.0; commissioned report, 2.0; editorship of a book, 4.0; book or monograph, 20.0.

  • Grants: Dollar value and number of grants were compiled separately and the following weightings were applied to these values: x 2.0 for ARC, NHMRC, NIH; x 1.5 for other competitive; x 1.0 for other (e.g., contracts).

    Derivation of overall score: Publication score as a percentage distribution across the Department was multipled by 4. This was added to percentage distribution for grant number and for grant dollar value. The number obtained was divided by 6 to give the final percentage.

    The amount provided for distribution by the Faculty in 1994 was $19,355.

    'Mechanism A' funding to the Department

    In 1994, funding of $27,740 was provided to the Department on the basis of 1994 Commonwealth competitive grant values (Mechanism A), and was passed on to Laboratories in line with their percentage of such grant funding.

    Running costs

    In 1994 an amount for running costs of $50,750 was received and was distributed as $1,000 per academic, $1,000 per full-time and $500 per part-time research student.

    Total allocated by the above formulae

    The total distributed according to these various formulae in 1994 was $97,845.