25 Feb  Dave Moore           University Laboratory of      Effects of early hearing    
                               Physiol.                      loss on auditory system     
                                                             structure and function      
   4 Mar  Dr David Morgan      Monash University             Sarcomere homogeneity       
                                                             after stretch and its       
                                                             relation to muscle damage   
  11 Mar  Dr P.G. Guyenet      Department of Pharmacology,   [[alpha]]2-adrenergic       
                               University of Virginia,       control of the              
                               Charlottesville, VA           sympathetic vasomotor       
                                                             outflow: mechanism of       
                                                             action of clonidine and     
  11 Mar  Garry Aston-Jones    Div. of Behavioral            Locus coeruleus activity    
                               Neurobiology, Hahnemann       in behaving monkeys         
                               University, Philadelphia      suggests a role in          
                                                             attentional lability        
  18 Mar  Dr John Watson       Neuropsychology Unit, RPAH    The human visual cortex:    
                                                             studies with positron       
                                                             emission tomography (PET)   
  25 Mar  Dr Ian Hendrey       John Curtain School of        How does the neuron's       
                               Medical Research, ANU         target talk back to it?     
   6 Apr  Dr Marc Achen        Dept. of Cell Biology, Max    Blood vessel development:   
                               Planck Institute for          molecular mechanisms for    
                               Physiol. & Clinical           the growth and control of   
                               Research, Bad Nauheim         endothelium                 
   8 Apr  Dr Nicholas King     Dept. of Pathology            Interaction of              
                                                             flaviviruses with           
                                                             vertebrate host cells       
  15 Apr  Dr T.D. Lamb         Physiological Laboratory,     Dark adaptation of rod      
                               University of Cambridge       photoreceptors              
  22 Apr  Dr Glenda Halliday   Prince of Wales Medical       Alcoholic amnesia           
                               Research Institute                                        
  29 Apr  Dr Brian Morris      Department of Physiology      Renin promoter activation   
                                                             by cyclic AMP               
   6 May  Prof. David Tracey   School of Anatomy, UNSW       The sympathetic nervous     
                                                             system in chronic pain-     
                                                             an experimental approach    
  13 May  Prof. Jonathan       Dept. of Anatomy & Histology  The roles of oxygen,        
          Stone                                              neuroglia and vascular      
                                                             endothelial growth factor   
                                                             in the formation of the     
                                                             retinal vasculature         
  20 May  Prof. Martin         Head, Dept. of Cancer         What did the doctor say?    
          Tattersall           Medicine                                                  
  27 May  Dr Philip Penfold    Dept of Clinical              Microglia in the human      
                               Opthalmology                  retina                      
   3 Jun  Dr Bob Callister     Neuroscience Group, Faculty   Synaptic transmission in    
                               of Medicine, University of    submandibular ganglion      
                               Newcastle                     neurons                     
  10 Jun  Dr Frank Lovicu      Dept. of Anatomy & Histology  The role of FGF in          
                                                             maintaining lens polarity   
                                                             and growth patterns         
                                                             throughout life             

  26 Jul  Dr Don Newgreen      Murdoch Institute,            Control of                  
                               Melbourne                     epithelio-mesenchymal       
                                                             transformation during       
  29 Jul  Prof. David G.       Dept. of Physiology           Cellular mechanisms of      
          Allen                                              fatigue in muscles          
   5 Aug  Dr Pierre Moens      Dept. of Anatomy & Histology  FRETing over actin:         
                                                             Structure of actin in       
                                                             solution using              
                                                             fluorescence resonance      
                                                             energy transfer             
  12 Aug  Dr Michael Halmagy   Dept. of Neurology, RPAH      Physiology and              
                                                             pathophysiology of human    
                                                             vestibular function         
  19 Aug  Dr Peter Schofield   The Garvin Institute of       The inhibitory glycine      
                               Medical Research,             receptor: molecular         
                               Darlinghurst                  studies of structure,       
                                                             function and disease        
   9 Sep  Dr Christine Clark   Medical Oncology Unit,        Nuclear receptors in        
                               Westmead Hospital             breast cancer               
  16 Sep  Dr Patrick Tam       Children's Medical Research   X chromosome activity       
                               Institute, Westmead           during mouse development    
  23 Sep  Dr Jon Currie        Director of Drug and          Saccadic strategies for     
                               Alcohol Services, Westmead    examining human cognitive   
                               Hospital                      function                    
  30 Sep  Dr Peter Jeffrey     Children's Medical Research   Cellular interactions are   
                               Institute, Westmead           critical for Purkinje       
                                                             neuron differentiation:     
                                                             an in vitro model           
   7 Oct  Dr Moira Lewit       Dept. of Endocrinology, RPAH  Glucoregulatory role of     
                                                             the IGFs and their          
                                                             binding proteins            
  14 Oct  Dr Ron Weinberger    Children's Medical Research   The molecular diversity     
                               Institute, Westmead           of microfilaments is        
                                                             associated with specific    
                                                             neuronal structures         
  19 Oct  Prof. Toshio         Dept. of Biophysical          Manipulation of             
          Yanagida             Engineering, Osaka            actomyosin at the           
                                                             molecular level in vitro    
  28 Oct  Prof. Robert Graham  Victor Chang Cardiac          Targeted disruption of      
                               Research Institute,           the atrial natriuretic      
                               Darlinghurst                  factor gene using           
   4 Nov  Dr Roger Riddell     Children's Medical Research   Genetic changes during      
                               Institute, Westmead           cellular immortalisation    
   5 Dec  Dr Frank Müller      Institute for Biological      Cyclic nucleotide-gated     
                               Information Processing,       ion channels                
                               Jülich, Germany