Françoise Janod-Groves

Activities in 1995 as Associate Lecturer were mainly associated with teaching, with some additional responsibilities for administration, plus a part-time research effort which began in June.


Human Life Sciences 2

Lectures: 6, on respiration.

Tutorials: 26, each of 1 h, on all topics of the curriculum.

Practicals: 26, each of 3 h; 2, each of 4 h, in all topics of the curriculum ( in-charge of 12 classes on: MEMPOT, respiration, and toad skin).

Dentistry 2

Practical classes: 6, of 3 h each, on skeletal muscle and respiration ( in-charge of all classes).

Medicine 2

Tutorial: 8, of 1 h, on sodium transport.

Practical classes: 9, each of 3 h, on toad skin (in-charge), respiration.

Pharmacy 1

Lectures: 13, on cardiovascular physiology.

Science Auxiliary

Tutorials: 9 of 1 h each on all topics of the curriculum.

Practical classes: 7, on haematology, MEMPOT, blood pressure, and reflexes (in-charge of all classes).

Human Life Sciences 3

Small group tutorials: 19 each of 1 h on all topics of the curriculum.

Cardiovascular 3/Science 3

Practical classes: 4 of 3 h each on human cardiovascular system, fatigue, response to exercise; 2 of 6 h on cardiovascular system of anaesthetized rabbit ( in-charge).

Paper sessions: 10 of 1 h each in Cardiovascular Physiology.


Setting and marking of exams on lectures; organizing, setting, and marking the practical exams for HLS2.

Setting and marking of exams on the practical component of the end of semester exams for Medicine 2, and Dentistry 2.

Setting exam MCQs for Pharmacy 1.

Marking of two long reports for Human Life Sciences 2.

Marking of two essays for Human Life Sciences 2.


Considerable assistance was given to students in need of help.


Dent2 HLS2 Med2 ScAux Sc3 Pharm1 Total

Lectures ­ 6 ­ ­ 13 19

Practical classes 18(6) 86(10) 27(2) 7(7) 24(5) ­ 162 (no.)

Tutorials ­ 26 8 9 10 ­ 53

Preparation ­ 15 2 ­ 50 ­ 67

Administration ­ 50 ­ 50 5 ­ 105

Student ­ 50 ­ 50 ­ 100 consultations

Marking essays ­ 50 ­ ­ ­ ­ 50

Setting exams 3 30 5 ­ ­ ­ 38

Marking exams 15 50 15 ­ ­ ­ 80

Total formal contact teaching time = 234 h

Total time = 674 h


Assessment of computer software

Educational computer software packages were assessed, particularly programs that could eventually replace some of the current practicals, such as the effects of vasoactive substances in the anaesthetized rabbit or transport of sodium across a toad skin.

Course administrative work

In collaboration with Roger Dampney, organization, word processing and editing of the Course Guide and Physiology practical book for the Human Life Sciences 2 course.

Organization of the timetable for practicals and tutorials for the Physiology part of the Human Life Sciences 2 course.

As a member of the Human Life Sciences 2 Interdepartmental Committee, participation in discussions and organization of amendments to the course in order to improve its running.

Organization of the timetable for practicals and tutorials for the Physiology 2 Auxiliary course.

Preparation and submission of an application to the Human Ethics Committee for the urine practical on behalf of several members of the academic staff.


One day per week in the Vision Laboratory (P Martin) ­ from June onwards.

Service to University

As Discrimination Adviser, assistance was provided to members of staff and students with problems relating to discrimination matters (1990-present).

Attendance at meetings as the discrimination adviser's elected representative of the EEO/AA Consultative committee.

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