Ann E Sefton


PERSONNEL in 1995 and 1996

See list for Paul Martin

The work of this Laboratory concerns the substrates of visual perception. The anatomical properties of cells in the retina and central visual pathways are studied using immunocytochemical and neuroanatomical tracing methods. Extracellular recording and linear systems analysis of single cell activity are used to study the responses of cells in the subcortical visual pathways.

PROJECTS in 1995

All projects undertaken in 1995 were in collaboration with Dr Paul R Martin, and details of these can be found in that section of this Annual Report. They are:

Morphology and connectivity of small field bistratified cells in marmoset retina

KK Ghosh, U Grünert, PR Martin, AE Sefton

Segregation of response properties in the lateral geniculate nucleus of marmosets

AJR White, H Wilder, AK Goodchild, PR Martin, AE Sefton

Response properties in simultaneously recorded cell pairs in the lateral geniculate nucleus of marmosets

H Wilder, AJR White, PR Martin, AE Sefton


Collaborative work with Paul Martin will continue in studies of the visual system of the marmoset.


Development of retino-collicular topography: Dr Bogdan Dreher (1992-95).

Studies on the visual system of the marmoset monkey: Dr Paul R Martin (1993-present).


BMedSc(Hons) (co-supervisor: PR Martin)

White, AJR (1995) Functional segregation in the Lateral Geniculate Nucleus of the marmoset. (Result: 1st Class, Colin Dunlop Prize).



Grant (and fellowship) applications: for NHMRC (4), ARC (2), Department of Industry, Technology & Commerce (1), Committee for the Advancement of University Teaching (2), Lions Clubs Foundation (2).

Conference organizing committees

Organizing Committee, Workshop on Teaching, International Union of Physiological Sciences, St Petersburg,1997: Member.

Planning Committee, meeting on computer-based education, Federation of Asian & Oceanian Physiological Societies, Brisbane, 1998: Member.

Organizing committee for Faculty of Medicine Curriculum Conference, Nov 1995: Member (1995).

Official of international scientific society

International Union of Physiological Sciences: Deputy Chair, Commission on Teaching.

Significant University and external appointments

Consultant in vision and development, Sydney Eye Hospital.

Member, Neuroscience Panel, University of Kuwait Medical School.

Member of Faculty, Harvard-Macy Course on Educational Leadership, Harvard Medical School (Jun).

Educational consultant, Committee for Advancement of University Teaching.

Service to University

Save Sight Foundation: Member.

Advice and talks on studying medicine at career days arranged by the University.

Service to community

Gladys Leach Award Committee, North Sydney Girls' High School: Member.


For service to Save Sight Foundation and Lions' NSW-ACT Public Health Care Foundation.

News media

During 1995 supplied information on various issues including medical research funding and the graduate medical program at The University of Sydney, including research opportunities (The Australian, 3SH Swan Hill, ABC Tamworth, 3WM Horsham, ABC 3WV Western Victoria, 2MCE Bathurst, ABC Countrywide, The Country Hour).

RESEARCH FUNDING in 1995 and 1996

See list for Paul Martin



Medicine 3

Lectures: 23 in the Neuroscience course.

Prac. classes: 5, each 2 h, presented twice (= 20 h).

Demonstrations: 3, each 2 h, some repeated (= 12 h).

Tutorials: 5 revision, each of 2 h (= 10 h).

Medical Science 3/Science 3: Advanced Neurosciences

Lectures: 2, on plasticity and development.

Practical classes: 2, of 2 h.

Seminars/assessment: Based on student's presentation of a 3 h seminar.


As Associate Dean in the Faculty of Medicine, throughout the year, help was given to medical students as well as to those seeking admission to Medicine. Assistance was offered to students in all courses taught.


Med3 Sc3 Total

Lectures 23 2 25

Practical classes (no.) 10(10) 2(4) 14

Demonstrations 3(12) ­ 12

Tutorials 6(13) ­ 13

Total formal contact teaching time = 64 h



Continuing Appointment

Associate Dean, Curriculum Development, with responsibilities for developing the Graduate Medical Program for the Faculty of Medicine.

Curriculum design

BMedSc degree: Member of the committee for the core course 'Human Life Sciences 2' and reviewer of Human Life Sciences 3.

Graduate Medical Program: Chair of the Curriculum Planning Committee for the Graduate Medical Program; Member of all Working Parties ex officio. Responsible for liaison with the Consortium of Graduate Medical Schools at Univ of Queensland and Flinders Univ.

Sydney representative on the Policy Committee for the Graduate Australian Medical Schools Admission Test.

Reports relating to teaching

Admission policy: (interpreted in student brochures and for student magazines in articles concerning careers advice).

Graduate Medical Program Planning Papers 4 and 7(edited):5 (co-authored), 6 (contributed to).

Reference Notes for Planners (authored): 1994 in Review (contributed to).

Contributed to Faculty's submission to the Australian Medical Council for accreditation.

Prepared other documents associated with planning for the Graduate Medical Program including papers circulated to Faculty at each meeting and articles in the graduate newsletter, Radius. In addition, articles were written for the Faculty's newsletter, Medical Scripts, and shorter pieces for issues of an ephemeral newsletter on planning.

University committees

Member, Advisory Committee, Learning Assistance Centre.

Faculty of Medicine representative on the Centre for Gay and Lesbian Studies.

Committee developing Performance Indicators for the University.

Academic Board

Active member.

Broadway Review Committee: Member.

Examinations, Assessments and Related Subjects Committee: Member.

Representative of the Chair as well as member of committees for appointments/promotions.

Ad hoc Committee to Report on Review of Graduate School of Business, University of Sydney (Aug): Member.

Faculty of Medicine

Associate Dean (Curriculum Development) (from Jun 1994) and member ex officio of the various committees and subcommittees related to the Graduate Medical Program; particular involvement in Themes: Basic and Clinical Science, Community-doctor, Personal and Professional Development; Committees: Admissions, Assessment.

Contributed to the preparation of the Database for the Australian Medical Council's accreditation visit.

Depts of Educational Development & Evaluation; Clinical Ophthalmology: Member.

Chair, Boards of Examiners for BSc(Med)(Hons).

Various appointment committees: Member.

Member, Committee on the teaching of Ethics and Law: Member.

Chair, Committee for Medical Communication.

Interdepartmental Committee for History & Philosophy of Medicine course: Member.

Teaching, Assessment and Curriculum Committee: Member.

Standing Committee: Member (ex officio).

Standing Committee on Courses of Study: Member (ex officio).

Centenary Medical Fellowships for Technicians Committee: Member.

Anderson Stuart Appeals Committee: Member.

Medical Graduates Publication Committee: Member.

Successful grant applications for resources from Information Technology Committee, Quality in Teaching Funds, Large Equipment Grant: Co-authored.

Faculty of Medicine on the GAMSAT Policy Committee: Representative.


Cambridge Conference on Medical Education, Ann Arbor, Michigan (Jul): Invited participant.

Workshops for the Faculty of Medicine Graduate Medical Program including the Faculty Curriculum Conference, Wollongong (Nov): Chair and speaker.

Invited Speaker

Harvard Medical School: Harvard Macy Course on Educational Leadership (Jun).

Faculty of Arts on Educational Change.

Centre for Teaching and Learning courses on Women in Leadership.

Involved in presentations on the graduate program to the University Senate, Central Sydney Area Health Board.

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