Jan 24 Dr Benoni Boilly Univ of Lille, France FGF in limb regeneration

Mar 3 Dr Sheila King Dept of Experimental Psychology, The role of light scatter in the

Univ of Oxford, UK residual visual sensitivity of

patients with complete

cerebral hemispherectomy

Mar 10 Prof E Froemter Univ of Frankfurt, Selective and non-selective

Germany cation channels in renal

collecting duct epithelium

Mar 17 Dr Kaneez Fatima-Shad School of Physiology, GABA- and glycine-gated

Univ of NSW receptor channels in

cultured hippocampal neurons

Mar 24 Dr Russel Ludowyke Centre for Immunology, Activated secretion bypassing

St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney early signalling events

Mar 27 Prof RW Guillery Dept of Human Anatomy, Thalamo-cortical, cortico-

Univ of Oxford, UK thalamic and some neglected

cortico-cortical pathways

Mar 31 Dr Paul Williams Dept of Endocrinology Defining the insulin

receptor binding site

by mutagenesis

Apr 7 Dr Yu-Wen Li Dept of Pharmacology, Adrenergic and other

Health Sciences Center, bulbospinal neurons of the rat

Univ of Virginia, rostral ventrolateral medulla:

Charlottesville, VA, USA a whole cell patch-clamp study

in thin slices of neonatal brain

Apr 21 Dr Ian Morgan Centre for Visual Sciences, The retinal dark to light switch:

Research School of a neural flip/flop device

Biological Sciences, ANU

Apr 28 Dr Matt Spitzer Vision Touch and Hearing Some evidence for hierarchical

Research Centre, Univ of processing of interaural

Queensland, St Lucia, QLD phase disparity in the

mammalian brainstem

May 12 Dr John Burne School of Biomedical Sciences, Botulinum toxin and

Faculty of Health Sciences pathological tremors

May 19 Dr Kerry Nichol Dept of Physiology Factors that influence retinal

ganglion cell development

May 26 Dr Dianne Hughes Endocrinology & Metabolism, Does the mammalian model

Concord Hospital, Sydney of bone structure work for fish?

Jun 2 Dr Susan Duty Univ of Manchester, UK Molecular and cellular

mechanisms underlying

dyskinesias in Parkinson's Disease

Jun 2 Dr Ben Reese Dept of Psychology, Dispersion patterns of

Univ of California neuroblasts in the developing

Santa Barbara, CA, USA retina

Jun 9 Dr Roger Summers Dept of Pharmacology, Atypical and

ß3-adrenoceptors Univ of Melbourne

Jun 16 Dr Cris dos Remedios Dept of Anatomy & Histology Failing human hearts: a

protein chemist's answer

Jun 23 Dr Paul Martin Dept of Physiology Colour vision in New World

primates: a vision for the


Jun 30 Dr Richard Donnelly Dept of Pharmacology The role of insulin and insulin

resistance in hypertension and

its complications

Jul 12 Michael Kalloniatis Univ of Melbourne Neurochemical architecture

of the monkey retina

Jul 24 Zoltan Molnar Univ Laboratory of Physiology, Multiple mechanisms involved

Oxford, UK in thalamo-cortical innervation

Jul 28 Prof Peter Chantler Chairman of Cell Biology, The muscle of nerve: brain

Royal Veterinary College, myosin function


Aug 4 Dr Bill Baldridge Vision Touch and Hearing Recording neuronal activity

Research Centre, in the adult mammalian

Univ of Queensland retina using

Aug 11 Prof Mike Friedlander Neurobiology Research Center, Functional reorganisation of

Univ of Alabama, Birmingham, the cerebral cortex: cellular

USA and molecular mechanisms

Aug 18 Prof Jonathan Stone Dept of Anatomy and Histology The vulnerability of astrocytes

to hypoxia and the

pathogenesis of pre-retinal

vessels (the major cause of

adult blindness)

Aug 25 Dr Keith Stanley Heart Research Institute, Molecular control of membrane

Sydney traffic: novel anti-atherogenic


Sep 1 Dr Brian Key Dept of Anatomy & Cell Biology, How to construct an axon

Univ of Melbourne tract: molecular and cellular


Sep 22 Dr Nick King Dept of Pathology Virus-host interactions:

modulation of immune target

molecules by Flaviviruses

Sep 29 Dr Emilio Badoer Monash Medical Centre, Brain pathways involved in

Melbourne blood pressure regulation and

body fluid homeostasis

Oct 6 Dr John Ludbrook Dept of Surgery, CNS control of haemodynamics

Univ of Melbourne in acute hypovolaemia

Royal Melbourne Hospital

Oct 13 Dr Albert Avolio Graduate School of Biomedical Reflections on the arterial

Engineering, Univ of NSW pulse

Oct 19 Prof Wilfred Jänig Christian-Albrechts-Universität, Inflammation and the

Kiel, Germany sympathetic nervous system

Oct 20 Dr Joseph Hoh Dept of Physiology Mechanism of inotropic action

of endothelin in rat cardiac muscle

Oct 26 Dr Tobias Bonhoeffer Max-Planck-Institute for Optical imaging of the

Psychiatry, Munich, Germany functional architecture in

adult and developing

Oct 26 Dr Takudi Kasamatsu Smith-Kettlewell Eye Institute, Physiology of long-range

San Francisco, CA, USA lateral connections in the cat

visual cortex

Oct 27 Prof Dexter Irvine Dept of Psychology, Plasticity of frequency

Monash Univ, Melbourne organization in auditory cortex

of adult mammals

Nov 3 Prof Gordon Burns Cancer Research Unit, Integrins in the development

Univ of Newcastle, NSW and survival of spheroids of

breast and colon carcinoma cell


Nov 10 Dr Rob de Iongh Dept of Anatomy & Histology Expression of fibroblast growth

factors and their receptors

during lens development

Dec 1 Prof Pierre Corvol College de France, Angiotensin II receptor

INSERM U36, Paris, France isoforms: Specific functions or


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