Degree Title of thesis Supervisor Result


Cook DI Ion channels and electrolyte transport *


Balnave CD Intracellular calcium and force following Allen DG *

changes in the length of intact single fibres

from mouse skeletal muscle

Kang LHD Regulation of myofibrillar protein gene Hoh JFY *

expression in cat jaw-closing muscles

McLeod S Hormonal modulation of human melanogenesis Mason RS *

(late 1994)

Poronnik P Characterization of a 25 pS Ca2+-activated non- Cook DI *

selective cation channel in a salivary cell line

Qin H Characterization of vertebrate jaw-specific Hoh JFY *

myosin: structure, expression pattern and Morris BJ

molecular evolution of superfast myosin

Slater M Immunocytochemical studies of the functional Mason RS *

activity of bone cell

Weinhaus AJ Physiology of the foetal b-cell Cook DI *


Chami O The control of platelet activating factor O'Neill C *

acetylhydrolase (PAF-AH) in the mouse uterus Mason RS

during early pregnancy

Cherepanoff S A statistical analysis of spontaneous miniature Lavidis NA *

endplate currents recorded at the toad (Bufo

marinus) neuromuscular junction

(*Pass; no grade given for higher degree theses)


Boden R Spectral resolution for auditory localization: Leong P High Distinction

Perceptual effects of the Karhunen-Loève Carlile S and Medal

Expansion on the HRTF

Chan K Head related transfer function recordings using Leong P Credit

a dummy head Carlile S


Dickens EJ Identification of neurons projecting to the Dampney RAL 1st Class; Monk

nucleus of the solitary tract activated by Adams Prize

changes in blood pressure

Hill CA Sarcoplasmic reticulum and muscle function Allen DG 2nd Class, Div 1

characteristics following fatiguing exercise in Thompson M


Hyams S A psychophysical examination of channel Carlile S 1st Class

processing in auditory localisation

Ius D Swallowing in term and preterm infants ­ Jeffery H 1st Class

its coordination with breathing during feeding Dampney RAL

and role as an airway protective mechanism

during sleep

Kim KD Effect of chronic morphine treatment on the Lavidis NA 1st Class; prize

frequency of spontaneous transmitter release

Harding Burns and the time course of facilitation

Kim Y Cardiac and skeletal myosin isoforms in Hoh JFY 2nd Class, Div 1


Lee S Syntaxin at the developing neuromuscular Phillips WD 2nd Class, Div 1


Lim J Electrophoretic and immunochemical analyses Hoh JFY 2nd Class, Div 1

of myosin isoforms in skeletal muscles of the

crocodile and the possum

Morgan J Intracellular calcium and vesicle-associated Bennett MR 1st Class

proteins in the nerve terminal of the developing

chick ciliary ganglion

Needs J The effect of epidural pain relief in labour on Jeffery H 2nd Class, Div 1

feeding and sleep in the newborn infant Dampney RAL

Puchert E Control of blood flow to the sheep latissimus Wilson G 2nd Class, Div 1

dorsi muscle Hoh JFY

Tuyau M The role of nitric oxide and adenosine-5'- Dampney RAL 2nd Class, Div 1

triphosphate in spinal and medullary regions Bennett MR

controlling the sympathetic outflow

White AJR Functional segregation in the lateral geniculate Martin PR 1st Class; Colin

nucleus of the marmoset Sefton AE Dunlop Prize


Watts M Identification and characterisation of troponin Hoh JFY

from canine superfast muscle Wilson G 1st Class

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