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1990 Publications


Ansselin, A.D. and Pettigrew, A.G. (1990)
Development of innervation patterns in auditory nuclei of the chick brainstem following unilateral otocyst removal. Developmental Brain Research 54:177-186.
Ansselin, A.D. and Pollard, J.D. (1990)
Immunopathological factors in peripheral nerve allograft rejection: Quantification of lymphocyte invasion and major histocompatibility complex expression. Journal of the Neurological Sciences 96:75-88.
Ansselin, A.D., Westland, K. and Pollard, J.D. (1990)
Low dose, short term Cyclosporin A does not protect the Schwann cells of allogeneic nerve grafts. Neuroscience Letters 119:219-222.
Bennett, M.R. and Robinson, J. (1990)
Probabilistic secretion of quanta from nerve terminals at synaptic sites on muscle cells: Non-uniformity, autoinhibition and the binomial hypothesis. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series B: Biological Sciences 239:329-358.
Blanchard, E.M., Smith, G.L., Allen, D.G. and Alpert, N.R. (1990)
The effects of butanedione monoxime on initial heat, tension, and aequorin light output of ferret papillary muscles. Pflügers Archiv European Journal of Physiology 416:219-221.
Brown, D.R. and Everett, A.W. (1990)
Compartmental and topographical specificity of reinnervation of the glutaeus muscle in adult toad (Bufo marinus). Journal of Comparative Neurology 292:363-372.
Carlile, S. (1990)
The auditory periphery of the ferret I: Directional response properties and the pattern of interaural level differences. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 88:2180-2195.
Carlile, S. (1990)
The auditory periphery of the ferret II: The spectral transformations of the external ear and their implications for sound localization. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 88:2196-2204.
Cook, D.I., Poronnik, P. and Young, J.A. (1990)
Characterization of a 25 pS non-selective cation channel in a cultured epithelial cell line. Journal of Membrane Biology 114:37-52.
Dampney, R.A.L. (1990)
The subretrofacial nucleus: Its pivotal role in cardiovascular regulation. News in Physiological Sciences 5:63-67.
Everett, A.W. and Nichol, K.A. (1990)
Antiezrin immunoreactivity in neuronal subpopulations: cellular distribution in relation to cytoskeletal proteins in sensory neurones. Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry 38:1137-1144.
Huxlin, K.R., Tuch, B.E., Sefton, A. Jervie and Dixon, G. (1990)
Grafting of foetal pancreata into neonatal rat brain. Transplantation 49:857-861.
Kaiser, P.K., Lee, B.B., Martin, P.R. and Valberg, A. (1990)
The physiological basis of the minimally distinct border demonstrated in the ganglion cells of the macaque retina. Journal of Physiology 422:153-183.
Kouts, S. and Bennett, M.R. (1990)
The distribution of intracellular acetylcholine receptors and nuclei in avian slow muscle fibres during establishment of distributed synapses. Journal of Neurocytology 19:421-427.
Lee, B.B., Pokorny, J., Smith, V.C., Martin, P.R. and Valberg, A. (1990)
Luminance and chromatic modulation sensitivity of macaque ganglion cells and human observers. Journal of the Optical Society of America A: Optics & Image Science 7:2223-2236.
Lee, J.A. and Allen, D.G. (1990)
Calcium sensitizers; a new approach to increasing the strength of the heart. British Medical Journal 300:551-552.
Martin, D.K. and Cook, D.I. (1990)
A direct-reading device for measurement of patch-clamp micropipette tip diameters. Pflügers Archiv European Journal of Physiology 417:255-258.
McAllen, R.M. and Dampney, R.A.L. (1990)
Vasomotor neurons in the rostral ventrolateral medulla are organized topographically with respect to type of vascular bed but not body region. Neuroscience Letters 110:91-96.
Morey, A.L. and Carlile, S. (1990)
Auditory brainstem of the ferret: Maturation of the brainstem auditory evoked response. Developmental Brain Research 52:279-288.
Morris, B.J., Rose, B.R., Flanagan, J.L., McKinnon, K.J., Loo, C.Y., Thompson, C.H., Flampoulidou, M., Ford, R.M., Hunter, J.C., Nightingale, B.N. and Cossart, Y.E. (1990)
Automated polymerase chain reaction for papillomavirus screening of cervicovaginal lavages: Comparison with dot-blot hybridization in a sexually transmitted diseases clinic population. Journal of Medical Virology 32:22-30.
Poronnik, P. and Cook, D.I. (1990)
Patch-clamping. Today's Life Science 2(8):60-66.
Pryke, A.M., Duggan, C., White, C.P., Posen, S. and Mason, R.S. (1990)
Tumor necrosis factor-alpha induces vitamin D 1-hydroxylase activity in normal human alveolar macrophages. Journal of Cellular Physiology 142:652-656.
Qin, H., Kemp, J., Yip, M.Y., Lam-Po-Tang, P.R.L., Hoh, J.F.Y. and Morris, B.J. (1990)
Localization of human cardiac β-myosin heavy chain gene (MYH7) to chromosome 14q12 by in situ hybridization. Cytogenetics and Cell Genetics 54:74-76.
Sasaki, S. and Dampney, R.A.L. (1990)
Tonic cardiovascular effects of angiotensin II in the rostral and caudal ventrolateral medulla. Hypertension 15:274-283.
Schulz, M., Raju, T., Ralston, G. and Bennett, M.R. (1990)
A retinal ganglion cell neurotrophic factor purified from the superior colliculus. Journal of Neurochemistry 55:832-841.
Sparrow, M.P., Mitchell, H.W. and Everett, A.W. (1990)
Different ratio of myosin heavy chain isoforms in arterial smooth muscle of spontaneously hypertensive rats. Basic Research in Cardiology 85:209-214.
Warton, S.S., Perouansky, M. and Grantyn, R. (1990)
GABAergic synaptic connections in cultures from the rat superior colliculus. Developmental Brain Research 52:95-111.
Westerblad, H., Lee, J.A., Lamb, A.G. and Allen, D.G. (1990)
Spatial gradients of intracellular calcium in skeletal muscle during fatigue. Pflügers Archiv European Journal of Physiology 415:734-740.


Wong, P.Y.D. and Young, J.A. (1990)
Exocrine Secretion II. Hong Kong: ISES.
Young, J.A. and Wong, P.Y.D. (1990)
Epithelial Secretion of Water and Electrolytes. Heidelberg: Springer Verlag.

Other Publications

Morris, B.J. (1990)
The renin gene in hypertension. Today's Life Science 2(11):38-43.


Davey, D.F. and Ansselin, A.D. (1990)
Long-term analysis of the effect of proximo-distal orientation of peripheral nerve grafts on axon regeneration. Proceedings of the Australian Neuroscience Society 1:70. Australian Neuroscience Society, Brisbane, April.

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