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2005 Publications


Alais, D. and Carlile, S. (2005)
Synchronizing to real events: Subjective audiovisual alignment scales with perceived auditory depth and speed of sound. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 102:2244-2247.
Alais, D., Verstraten, F.A.J. and Burr, D.C. (2005)
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Arrighi, R., Alais, D. and Burr, D. (2005)
Neural latencies do not explain the auditory and audio-visual flash-lag effect. Vision Research 45:2917-2925.
Arrighi, R., Alais, D. and Burr, D. (2005)
Perceived timing of first- and second-order changes in vision and hearing. Experimental Brain Research 166:445-454.
Bennett, M.R., Farnell, L. and Gibson, W.G. (2005)
A quantitative description of the contraction of blood vessels following the release of noradrenaline from sympathetic varicosities. Journal of Theoretical Biology 234:107-122.
Bennett, M.R., Farnell, L. and Gibson, W.G. (2005)
A quantitative model of purinergic junctional transmission of calcium waves in astrocyte networks. Biophysical Journal 89:2235-2250.
Berkowitz, R.G., Sun, Q.J., Goodchild, A.K. and Pilowsky, P.M. (2005)
Serotonin inputs to laryngeal constrictor motoneurons in the rat. Laryngoscope 115:105-109.
Best, V., Carlile, S., Jin, C. and van Schaik, A. (2005)
The role of high frequencies in speech localization. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 118:353-363.
Carlile, S., Martin, R. and McAnally, K. (2005)
Spectral information in sound localization. In M.S. Malmierca and D.R.F. Irvine (eds): International Review of Neurobiology. ?: ?. Auditory spectral processing 70:399-434.
Cass, J.R. and Spehar, B. (2005)
Dynamics of cross- and iso-surround facilitation suggest distinct mechanisms. Vision Research 45:3060-3073.
Dampney, R.A.L. (2005)
Neural mechanisms in obesity-related hypertension. Experimental Physiology 90:671.
Dixon, K.M., Deo, S.S., Wong, G., Slater, M., Norman, A.W., Bishop, J.E., Posner, G.H., Ishizuka, S., Halliday, G.M., Reeve, V.E. and Mason, R.S. (2005)
Skin cancer prevention: A possible role of 1,25dihydroxyvitamin D3 and its analogs. Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 97:137-143.
Gervasio, O.L. and Phillips, W.D. (2005)
Increased ratio of rapsyn to ACh receptor stabilizes postsynaptic receptors at the mouse neuromuscular synapse. Journal of Physiology 562:673-685.
Hoh, J.F.Y. (2005)
Laryngeal muscle fibre types. Acta Physiologica Scandinavica 183:133-149.
Horiuchi, J., Wakabayashi, S. and Dampney, R.A.L. (2005)
Activation of 5-hydroxytryptamine 1A receptors suppresses the cardiovascular response evoked from the dorsomedial hypothalamic nucleus. Hypertension 46:173-179.
Kizana, E., Ginn, S.L., Allen, D.G., Ross, D.L. and Alexander, I.E. (2005)
Fibroblasts can be genetically modified to produce excitable cells capable of electrical coupling. Circulation 111:394-398.
Li, Q., Goodchild, A.K., Seyedabadi, M. and Pilowsky, P.M. (2005)
Preprotachykinin a mRNA is colocalized with tyrosine hydroxylase-immunoreactivity in bulbospinal neurons. Neuroscience 136:205-216.
Lin, Y.Q. and Bennett, M.R. (2005)
Varicosity-Schwann cell interactions mediated by ATP in the mouse vas deferens. Journal of Neurophysiology 93:2787-2796.
Liu, G.J., Werry, E.L. and Bennett, M.R. (2005)
Secretion of ATP from Schwann cells in response to uridine triphosphate. European Journal of Neuroscience 21:151-160.
Nair-Shalliker, V., Kee, A.J., Joya, J.E., Lucas, C.A., Hoh, J.F.Y. and Hardeman, E.C. (2004)
Myofiber adaptational response to exercise in a mouse model of nemaline myopathy. Muscle and Nerve 30:470-480.
Protti, D.A., Flores-Herr, N., Li, W., Massey, S.C. and Wassle, H. (2005)
Light signaling in scotopic conditions in the rabbit, mouse and rat retina: A physiological and anatomical study. Journal of Neurophysiology 93:3479-3488.
Rohanizadeh, R. and LeGeros, R.Z. (2005)
Ultrastructural study of calculus-enamel and calculus-root interfaces. Archives of Oral Biology 50:89-96.
Shavlakadze, T., White, J.D., Davies, M., Hoh, J.F.Y. and Grounds, M.D. (2005)
Insulin-like growth factor I slows the rate of denervation induced skeletal muscle atrophy. Neuromuscular Disorders 15:139-146.
Sivagurunathan, S., Muir, M.M., Brennan, T.C., Seale, J.P. and Mason, R.S. (2005)
Influence of glucocorticoids on human osteoclast generation and activity. Journal of Bone and Mineral Research 20:390-398.
Springell, D.A., Costin, N.S., Pilowsky, P.M. and Goodchild, A.K. (2005)
Hypotension and short-term anaesthesia induce ERK1/2 phosphorylation in autonomic nuclei of the brainstem. European Journal of Neuroscience 22:2257-2270.
Springell, D.A., Powers-Martin, K., Phillips, J.K., Pilowsky, P.M. and Goodchild, A.K. (2005)
Phosphorylated extracellular signal-regulated kinase 1/2 immunoreactivity identifies a novel subpopulation of sympathetic preganglionic neurons. Neuroscience 133:583-590.
Yeung, E.W., Whitehead, N.P., Suchyna, T.M., Gottlieb, P.A., Sachs, F. and Allen, D.G. (2005)
Effects of stretch-activated channel blockers on [Ca2+]i and muscle damage in the mdx mouse. Journal of Physiology 562:367-380.

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