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2010 Publications


Allen, D. and Westerblad, H. (2010)
What limits exercise during high-intensity aerobic exercise?. European Journal of Applied Physiology 110:661-662.
Allen, D.G., Gervasio, O.L., Yeung, E.W. and Whitehead, N.P. (2010)
Calcium and the damage pathways in muscular dystrophy. Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology 88:83-91.
Assinder, S.J., Au, E., Dong, Q.H. and Winnick, C. (2010)
A novel splice variant of the beta-tropomyosin (TPM2) gene in prostate cancer. Molecular Carcinogenesis 49:525-531.
Best, V., Gallun, F.J., Mason, C.R., Kidd, G. and Shinn-Cunningham, B.G. (2010)
The impact of noise and hearing loss on the processing of simultaneous sentences. Ear & Hearing 31:213-220.
Best, V., Kalluri, S., McLachlan, S., Valentine, S., Edwards, B. and Carlile, S. (2010)
A comparison of CIC and BTE hearing aids for three-dimensional localization of speech. International Journal of Audiology 49:723-732.
Blair, I.P., Williams, K.L., Warraich, S.T., Durnall, J.C., Thoeng, A.D., Manavis, J., Blumbergs, P.C., Vucic, S., Kiernan, M.C. and Nicholson, G.A. (2010)
FUS mutations in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: clinical, pathological, neurophysiological and genetic analysis. Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry 81:639-645.
Brooks, V.L., Dampney, R.A.L. and Heesch, C.M. (2010)
Pregnancy and the endocrine regulation of the baroreceptor reflex. American Journal of Physiology - Regulatory Integrative & Comparative Physiology 299:R439-R451.
Cole, R.N., Ghazanfari, N., Ngo, S.T., Gervasio, O.L., Reddel, S.W. and Phillips, W.D. (2010)
Patient autoantibodies deplete postsynaptic muscle-specific kinase leading to disassembly of the ACh receptor scaffold and myasthenia gravis in mice. Journal of Physiology 588:3217-3229.
Cooper, D.A., Wodak, A.D. and Morris, B.J. (2010)
The case for boosting infant male circumcision in the face of rising heterosexual transmission of HIV. Medical Journal of Australia 193:318-319.
Damian, D.L., Kim, Y.J., Dixon, K.M., Halliday, G.M., Javeri, A. and Mason, R.S. (2010)
Topical calcitriol protects from UV-induced genetic damage but suppresses cutaneous immunity in humans. Experimental Dermatology 19:E23-E30.
Goddard, E., Solomon, S. and Clifford, C. (2010)
Adaptable mechanisms sensitive to surface color in human vision - art. no. 17. Journal of Vision 10:17.
Hu, H.B., O'Mullane, L.M., Cummins, M.M., Campbell, C.R., Hosoda, Y., Poronnik, P., Dinudom, A. and Cook, D.I. (2010)
Negative regulation of ca2+ influx during p2Y(2) purinergic receptor activation is mediated by G beta gamma-subunits. Cell Calcium 47:55-64.
Hyde, S.J., Craig, P.L., Sefton, A.J., Ryan, G.L., Arnold, S.J. and Naganathan, V. (2010)
Perceptions of preparation for further training: how our medical schools prepare graduates and the perceived factors influencing access to training. Medical Journal of Australia 193:277-280.
Iigaya, K., Horiuchi, J., McDowall, L.M. and Dampney, R.A.L. (2010)
Topographical specificity of regulation of respiratory and renal sympathetic activity by the midbrain dorsolateral periaqueductal gray. American Journal of Physiology - Regulatory Integrative & Comparative Physiology 299:R853-R861.
Kang, L.H.D. and Hoh, J.F.Y. (2010)
Regulation of jaw-specific isoforms of myosin-binding protein-C and tropomyosin in regenerating cat temporalis muscle innervated by limb fast and slow motor nerves. Health Technology Assessment (Winchester, England) 14:989-1004.
Kang, L.H.D. and Hoh, J.F.Y. (2010)
Regulation of jaw-specific isoforms of myosin-binding protein-C and tropomyosin in regenerating cat temporalis muscle innervated by limb fast and slow motor nerves. Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry 58:989-1004.
Kang, L.H.D., Rughani, A., Walker, M.L., Bestak, R. and Hoh, J.F.Y. (2010)
Expression of masticatory-specific isoforms of myosin heavy-chain, myosin-binding protein-C and tropomyosin in muscle fibers and satellite cell cultures of cat masticatory muscle. Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry 58:623-634.
Korner, P.I. (2010)
The phenotypic patterns of essential hypertension are the key to identifying "High blood pressure" genes. Physiological Research (Prague) 59:841-857.
Mak, J.C.S., Stuart-Harris, J., Cameron, I.D. and Mason, R.S. (2010)
Oral vitamin D replacement after hip fracture: a comparative review. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 58:382-383.
Marques, F.Z., Campain, A.E., Yang, Y.H.J. and Morris, B.J. (2010)
Meta-analysis of genome-wide gene expression differences in onset and maintenance phases of genetic hypertension. Hypertension 56:319-NIL_385.
Marques, F.Z., Markus, M.A. and Morris, B.J. (2010)
The molecular basis of longevity, and clinical implications [Review]. Maturitas 65:87-91.
Marques, F.Z. and Morris, B.J. (2010)
Commentary on resveratrol and hormesis: resveratrol-a hormetic marvel in waiting?. Human & Experimental Toxicology 29:1026-1028.
Mason, R.S., Sequeira, V.B., Dixon, K.M., Gordon-Thomson, C., Pobre, K., Dilley, A., Mizwicki, M.T., Norman, A.W., Feldman, D., Halliday, G.M. and Reeve, V.E. (2010)
Photoprotection by 1 alpha,25-dihydroxyvitamin D and analogs: further studies on mechanisms and implications for UV-damage. Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 121:164-168.
Morris, B.J. (2010)
Sympathetic meta-analysis of adrenoceptor gene variants in hypertension. American Journal of Hypertension 23:225.
Morris, B.J. and Wodak, A. (2010)
Circumcision survey misleading. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Public Health 34:636-637.
Munn, A.J., Kern, P. and McAllan, B.M. (2010)
Coping with chaos: unpredictable food supplies intensify torpor use in an arid-zone marsupial, the fat-tailed dunnart (Sminthopsis crassicaudata) (vol 97, pg 601, 2010). Naturwissenschaften 97:1033.
Munn, A.J., Kern, P. and McAllan, B.M. (2010)
Coping with chaos: unpredictable food supplies intensify torpor use in an arid-zone marsupial, the fat-tailed dunnart (Sminthopsis crassicaudata). Naturwissenschaften 97:601-605.
Natoli, R., Zhu, Y., Valter, K., Bisti, S., Eells, J. and Stone, J. (2010)
Gene and noncoding RNA regulation underlying photoreceptor protection: microarray study of dietary antioxidant saffron and photobiomodulation in rat retina. Molecular Vision 16:1801-1822.
O'Neill, C.J., Bullock, M., Chou, A., Sidhu, S.B., Delbridge, L.W., Robinson, B.G., Gill, A.J., Learoyd, D.L., Clifton-Bligh, R. and Sywak, M.S. (2010)
BRAF(V600E) mutation is associated with an increased risk of nodal recurrence requiring reoperative surgery in patients with papillary thyroid cancer. Surgery 148:1139-1145.
Prasad, P.D., Stanton, J.A.L. and Assinder, S.J. (2010)
Expression of the actin-associated protein transgelin (SM22) is decreased in prostate cancer. Cell and Tissue Research 339:337-347.
Rhee, H.S. and Hoh, J.F.Y. (2010)
Immunohistochemical analysis of the effects of cross-innervation of murine thyroarytenoid and sternohyoid muscles. Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry 58:1057-1065.
Sieveking, D.P., Lim, P., Chow, R.W.Y., Dunn, L.L., Bao, S.S., McGrath, K.C.Y., Heather, A.K., Handelsman, D.J., Celermajer, D.S., Ng, M.K.C., Zhong, W.W.H., Withers, K.W. and Hoh, J.F.Y. (2010)
Effects of hypothyroidism on myosin heavy chain composition and fibre types of fast skeletal muscles in a small marsupial, antechinus flavipes. Journal of Comparative Physiology, B: Biochemical, Systemic, and Environmental Physiology 180:531-544.
Singh, J., Xie, C.L., Yao, M., Hua, S., Vignarajan, S., Jardine, G., Hambly, B.D., Sved, P. and Dong, Q.H. (2010)
Food extracts consumed in mediterranean countries and east asia reduce protein concentrations of androgen receptor, phospho-protein kinase B, and phospho-cytosolic phospholipase a(2)alpha in human prostate cancer cells. Journal of Nutrition 140:786-791.
Solomon, S.G., Tailby, C., Cheong, S.K. and Camp, A.J. (2010)
Linear and nonlinear contributions to the visual sensitivity of neurons in primate lateral geniculate nucleus. Journal of Neurophysiology 104:1884-1898.
Tom, N. and Assinder, S.J. (2010)
Oxytocin in health and disease. International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology 42:202-205.
Zhu, Y.A., Natoli, R., Valter, K. and Stone, J. (2010)
Differential gene expression in mouse retina related to regional differences in vulnerability to hyperoxia. Molecular Vision 16:740-755.
Zhu, Y.A., Valter, K. and Stone, J. (2010)
Environmental damage to the retina and preconditioning: contrasting effects of light and hyperoxic stress. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 51:4821-4830.

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