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2012 Publications


Blasco, L., Veiga-Crespo, P., Sanchez-Perez, A. and Villa, T.G. (2012)
Cloning and characterization of the beer foaming gene CFG1 from saccharomyces pastorianus. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 60:10796-10807.
Burke, W. (2011)
Avoiding errors in rhythm analysis. Biological Rhythm Research 42:363-366.
Burke, W. (2012)
Why do we sneeze?. Medical Hypotheses 78:502-504.
Burke, W., Leung, J. and Davey, D.F. (2012)
Lunar and solar influences on human visual disease: the relevance of oedema?. Biological Rhythm Research 43:249-266.
Campbell, C.R., Voyles, J., Cook, D.I. and Dinudom, A. (2012)
Frog skin epithelium: electrolyte transport and chytridiomycosis. International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology 44:431-434.
Chi, R.P. and Snyder, A.W. (2012)
Brain stimulation enables the solution of an inherently difficult problem. Neuroscience Letters 515:121-124.
Dilley, A. and Morris, B.J. (2012)
Correcting Morris et al. with respect to anaesthesia for neonatal circumcision reply. Internal Medicine Journal 42:1277-1278.
Iigaya, K., Horiuchi, J., McDowall, L.M., Lam, A.C.B., Sediqi, Y., Polson, J.W., Carrive, P. and Dampney, R.A.L. (2012)
Blockade of orexin receptors with almorexant reduces cardiorespiratory responses evoked from the hypothalamus but not baro- or chemoreceptor reflex responses. American Journal of Physiology - Regulatory Integrative & Comparative Physiology 303:R1011-R1022.
Ju, Y.K., Woodcock, E.A., Allen, D.G. and Cannell, M.B. (2012)
Inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptors and pacemaker rhythms. Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology 53:375-381.
Marques, F.Z. and Morris, B.J. (2012)
Letter by Marques and Morris regarding article, "Signature microRNA expression profile of essential hypertension and its novel link to human cytomegalovirus infection". Circulation 125:E337.
Marques, F.Z. and Morris, B.J. (2012)
Neurogenic hypertension: revelations from genome-wide gene expression profiling. Current Hypertension Reports 14:485-491.
McAllan, B.M., Feay, N., Bradley, A.J. and Geiser, F. (2012)
The influence of reproductive hormones on the torpor patterns of the marsupial sminthopsis macroura: bet-hedging in an unpredictable environment. General and Comparative Endocrinology 179:265-276.
Morris, B.J. (2012)
Boyle and Hill's circumcision 'phallusies'. BJU International 110:E153-E154.
Morris, B.J. and Wamai, R.G. (2012)
Biological basis for the protective effect conferred by male circumcision against HIV infection. International Journal of STD & AIDS 23:153-159.
Morris, B.J. and Waskett, J.H. (2012)
Circumcision reduces prostate cancer risk. Asian Journal of Andrology 14:661-662.
Morris, B.J., Waskett, J.H., Banerjee, J., Wamai, R.G., Tobian, A.A.R., Gray, R.H., Bailis, S.A., Bailey, R.C., Klausner, J.D., Willcourt, R.J., Halperin, D.T., Wiswell, T.E. and Mindel, A. (2012)
A 'snip' in time: what is the best age to circumcise?. BMC Pediatrics 12:20.
Morris, B.J., Waskett, J.H. and Gray, R.H. (2012)
Does sexual function survey in Denmark offer any support for male circumcision having an adverse effect?. International Journal of Epidemiology 41:310-312.
Morris, B.J., Wodak, A.D., Mindel, A., Schrieber, L., Duggan, K.A., Dilley, A., Willcourt, R.J., Lowy, M. and Cooper, D.A. (2012)
Evidence-based policy: circumcision of infant males reply. Internal Medicine Journal 42:1279-1280.
Morris, B.J., Wodak, A.D., Mindel, A., Schrieber, L., Duggan, K.A., Dilley, A., Willcourt, R.J., Lowy, M. and Cooper, D.A. (2012)
The 2010 Royal Australasian College of Physicians' policy statement circumcision of infant males' is not evidence based. Internal Medicine Journal 42:822-828.
Morsch, M., Reddel, S.W., Ghazanfari, N., Toyka, K.V. and Phillips, W.D. (2012)
Muscle specific kinase autoantibodies cause synaptic failure through progressive wastage of postsynaptic acetylcholine receptors. Experimental Neurology 237:286-295.
Nowson, C.A., Ebeling, P.R. and Mason, R.S. (2012)
Vitamin D and health in adults in australia and new zealand: a position statement REPLY. Medical Journal of Australia 197:553-554.
Polymeropoulos, E.T., Heldmaier, G., Frappell, P.B., McAllan, B.M., Withers, K.W., Klingenspor, M., White, C.R. and Jastroch, M. (2012)
Phylogenetic differences of mammalian basal metabolic rate are not explained by mitochondrial basal proton leak. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Series B: Biological Sciences 279:185-193.
Sequeira, V.B., Rybchyn, M.S., Tongkao-On, W., Gordon-Thomson, C., Malloy, P.J., Nemere, I., Norman, A.W., Reeve, V.E., Halliday, G.M., Feldman, D. and Mason, R.S. (2012)
The role of the vitamin D receptor and ERp57 in photoprotection by 1 alpha,25-dihydroxyvitamin D-3. Molecular Endocrinology 26:574-582.
Werner, T., Morris, M.B., Dastmalchi, S. and Church, W.B. (2012)
Structural modelling and dynamics of proteins for insights into drug interactions. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews 64:323-343.
Wilson, N.M., Hilmer, S.N., March, L.M., Chen, J.S., Gnjidic, D., Mason, R.S., Cameron, I.D. and Sambrook, P.N. (2012)
Associations between drug burden index and mortality in older people in residential aged care facilities. Drugs & Aging 29:157-165.
Zhang, B.T., Whitehead, N.P., Gervasio, O.L., Reardon, T.F., Vale, M., Fatkin, D., Dietrich, A., Yeung, E.W. and Allen, D.G. (2012)
Pathways of ca2+ entry and cytoskeletal damage following eccentric contractions in mouse skeletal muscle. Journal of Applied Physiology 112:2077-2086.

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