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2015 Publications


Ban, J. and Phillips, W.D. (2015)
Mouse models of myasthenia gravis. Current Pharmaceutical Design 21:2468-2486.
Brennan-Speranza, T.C. and Conigrave, A.D. (2015)
Osteocalcin: an osteoblast-derived polypeptide hormone that modulates whole body energy metabolism [Review]. Calcified Tissue International 96:1-10.
Green, C.J., Fraser, S.T. and Day, M.L. (2015)
Insulin-like growth factor 1 increases apical fibronectin in blastocysts to increase blastocyst attachment to endometrial epithelial cells in vitro. Human Reproduction 30:284-298.
Ke, L., Mason, R.S., Mpofu, E., Dibley, M., Li, Y. and Brock, K.E. (2015)
Vitamin D and parathyroid hormone status in a representative population living in macau, china. Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 148(Special Issue SI):261-268.
Lam, Y.Y., Ha, C.W.Y., Hoffmann, J.M.A., Oscarsson, J., Dinudom, A., Mather, T.J., Cook, D.I., Hunt, N.H., Caterson, I.D., Holmes, A.J. and Storlien, L.H. (2015)
Effects of dietary fat profile on gut permeability and microbiota and their relationships with metabolic changes in mice. Obesity 23:1429-1439.
Lee, A., Slattery, C., Nikolic-Paterson, D.J., Hryciw, D.H., Wilk, S., Wilk, E., Zhang, Y., Valova, V.A., Robinson, P.J., Kelly, D.J. and Poronnik, P. (2015)
Chloride channel ClC-5 binds to aspartyl aminopeptidase to regulate renal albumin endocytosis. American Journal of Physiology - Renal Physiology 308:F784-F792.
Lovelace, M.D., Gu, B.J., Eamegdool, S.S., Weible, M.W., Wiley, J.S., Allen, D.G. and Chan-Ling, T. (2015)
P2X7 receptors mediate innate phagocytosis by human neural precursor cells and neuroblasts. Stem Cells (Dayton) 33:526-541.
Morris, B.J. (2015)
Renin, genes, microRNAs, and renal mechanisms involved in hypertension. Hypertension 65:956-962.
Morris, B.J. and Krieger, J.N. (2015)
The literature supports policies promoting neonatal male circumcision in North America. Journal of Sexual Medicine 12:1305.
Morris, B.J. and Wiswell, T.E. (2015)
'Circumcision pain' unlikely to cause autism. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine 108:297.
Phillips, W.D., Christadoss, P., Losen, M., Punga, A.R., Shigemoto, K., Verschuuren, J. and Vincent, A. (2015)
Guidelines for pre-clinical animal and cellular models of muSK-myasthenia gravis. Experimental Neurology 270(Special Issue SI):29-40.
Purushothuman, S. and Stone, J. (2015)
The reaction of cerebral cortex to a nearby lesion: damage, survival, self-protection. Brain Research 1601:52-63.
Purushothurnan, S., Johnstone, D.M., Nandasena, C., van Eersel, J., Ittner, L.M., Mitrofanis, J. and Stone, J. (2015)
Near infrared light mitigates cerebellar pathology in transgenic mouse models of dementia. Neuroscience Letters 591:155-159.
Tongkao-On, W., Carter, S., Reeve, V.E., Dixon, K.M., Gordon-Thomson, C., Halliday, G.M., Tuckey, R.C. and Mason, R.S. (2015)
CYP11A1 in skin: an alternative route to photoprotection by vitamin D compounds [Review]. Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 148(Special Issue SI):72-78.
Townsend, R.G., Solomon, S.S., Chen, S.C., Pietersen, A.N.J., Martin, P.R., Solomon, S.G. and Gong, P.L. (2015)
Emergence of complex wave patterns in primate cerebral cortex. Journal of Neuroscience 35:4657-4662.
Tran, H., Sawatari, A. and Leamey, C.A. (2015)
The glycoprotein ten-m3 mediates topography and patterning of thalamostriatal projections from the parafascicular nucleus in mice. European Journal of Neuroscience 41:55-68.
Wijesinghe, R., Tung, V.W., Camp, A.J., Protti, D.A. and Mathews, M.A. (2015)
Exciting potential: the importance of the right environment. Journal of Physiology 593:2253-2255.

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