The Neurobiology Laboratory


The Neurobiology Laboratory

Department of Physiology
Anderson Stuart Building F13
The University of Sydney
New South Wales, Australia

The Neurobiology laboratory conducts research into the molecular mechanisms underlying synaptic transmission in the Nervous System, with specific emphasis on the phenomena known as Synaptic Plasticity, that is the ability of the brain to alter the structure of its own circuitry over seconds to minutes. The laboratory was founded and is currently headed by Professor Max Bennett, a world recognised leader in his field of research and a leader of the study of Neuroscience in Australia.

The laboratory is located at the Camperdown campus of The University of Sydney, in the historic Anderson Stuart Building (site of the Old Medical School at the University) within the Department of Physiology.

The Neurobiology Laboratory (at right) with the southern entrance to the
Main Quadrangle of the University at the rear of the picture.



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