Molecular Neuroscience Laboratory
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The lab in early 2010. Clockwise from left:
Yui Murata, Marco Morsch, Nazanin Ghazanfari, Kristine Fernandez and Bill Phillips.

Research Collaborators
Peter Noakes, University of Queensland
Stephen Reddel, Concord Hospital and University of Sydney
Dario Protti, Physiology, Univ of Sydney
David Allen, Physiology, Univ of Sydney
Cathy Leamey, Physiology, Univ of Sydney
Kristian Gundersen, University of Oslo, Norway
Stanley Froehner, University of Washington, Seattle, USA

Recent Graduates

Three amigos. Drs Jennifer Brockhausen, Shyuan Ngo and Rebecca Cole at their PhD graduations in 2008, 2009 and 2010 (left to right, respectively). Jenny demonstrated that neural agrin acts to up-regulate rapsyn. Shyuan identified molecular cross-talk between neuregulin signalling and the agrin-MuSK-rapsyn pathway (at the University of Queensland). Rebecca's work showed that patient autoimmune antibodies against MuSK can cause myasthenia gravis when injected into mice (see Publications).

The lab in 2007. Left to right:
Paul Armson (PhD), Othon Gervasio (DDSci, PhD), Bill Phillips (PhD), Rebecca Cole and Jennifer Brockhausen.

The lab in 1997. Clockwise from left:
Simon (Xun) Liang (PhD awarded 2002), Paul Armon (PhD; long-term collaborator), Dave Sellen, Shihong Yang (MMed awarded 1998) and Hong Han (PhD awarded 1999).