Associate Professor CHRIS O'NEILL's laboratory studies the control of mammalian fertilization and early embryo development and reproductive endocrinology. Current projects concern: the role of autocrine factors in the induction of sperm capacitation (induction of sperm fertility); regulation of expression of essential embryonic growth factors, the mechanisms of signal transduction in early embryos; control of gene transcription in the early embryo; the role of proto-oncogenes in regulating the embryo cell-cycle and induction of apoptosis; and the regulation of release of vasoactive agents from the uterus and their role in normal establishment of pregnancy.

The effect of assisted reproductive technologies (such as IVF) on these basic physiological processes are also examined. Techniques include, embryo collection and culture; in vitro fertilization; tissue culture; embryo micromanipulation; PCR and reverse transcriptase PCR; real-time fluorescence imaging of cellular events, gene transfection, immunohistochemistry, confocal microscopy and antisense technology.


Cellular Physiology

Research Information

The Human Reproduction Units major research interests are on the molecular regulation of fertilization, early embryo development and the maternal recognition of pregnancy. A major focus is the functional genomic analysis of the regulatory processes in these events. As well as studying the basic physiology of these processes, a significant emphasis of our research is to understand the impact of assisted reproductive technologies (such as in vitro fertilization and embryo cloning) on the normal molecular regulation of these processes.

Recent Publications

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