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Simon Carlile

Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory

About the Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory

Simon Carlile did his undergraduate and graduate training at The University of Sydney. His PhD thesis work examined the bioacoustic and physiological basis of the representation of auditory space in the mammalian auditory nervous system. He spent five years in Oxford as a postdoctoral fellow and then a Beit Memorial Fellow and Junior Research Fellow of Green College Oxford. During this time he worked in the multidisciplinary sensory neuroscience group led by Colin Blakemore. In 1993 he moved back to The University of Sydney as a Lecturer in Neuroscience in the Department of Physiology and has established the Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory. The Laboratory has a broad focus with current work ranging from the bioacoustics of outer ear, the psychophysics of real and virtual auditory space as well as the neurophysiological mechanisms that result in neural representations of auditory space. He also has interests in the applications of information technology to medical education and has lectured and tutored in History and Philosophy of Science.

  • Spherical plotting and analysis routines (Matlab, pkzip): SPAK

    Assoc. Prof. Simon Carlile
    Department of Physiology
    The University Of Sydney
    NSW  2006
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    Email:  simonc@physiol.usyd.edu.au